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About the Michael Nast Foundation

Our Mission

The Michael G. Nast Foundation is a not-for-profit that aims to make the world a better place through action, collaboration, and supporting great causes.

The foundation works with other non-profits, individuals, and companies to carry out its mission, donates over $60,000 annually to support numerous causes.

Remembering Michael Nast

Created to honor the memory of Michael G. Nast, the foundation carries on his name by supporting the causes that Mike supported in his lifetime. Mike was a son, a husband, a brother, and a friend, and was known for his passionate advocacy for causes he believed in.

An attorney by trade, an avid outdoorsman, and a history enthusiast, Mike was always pursuing a new challenge or mission. It is from these pursuits that the foundation derives its mission.

Our Causes

The Michael G. Nast Foundation supports numerous causes. Our primary efforts focus on three key areas: preserving history, protecting the great outdoors, and creating economic and legal opportunities. Learn more about each of these areas below:

Preserving History

Mike was a history buff. He loved studying and building models of old ships, World War II aircraft, and medieval suits of armor, just to name a few. The Michael G. Nast Foundation carries on this pursuit by providing funding and support for museums, historical societies, and other non-profits dedicated to studying and preserving history.

Protecting Nature

Mike was an avid outdoorsman, diver, and hunter and loved spending time in the woods, mountains, and oceans. Much of his life was dedicated to the outdoors. The Michael G. Nast Foundation is dedicated to preserving our natural spaces for future generations, so that they may be inspired as Mike was by the beauty of our world.

Creating Opportunity

Mike was blessed to have the opportunity to pursue his passions and share them with others. The Michael G. Nast Foundation is proud to support programs that allow young people to pursue their dreams.

Partners & Programs

Michael Tymon: A Life in Art

Michael Tymon: A Life in Art

Michael 'Murph' Tymon was a talented artist who tragically passed away in 2019. He was only 34 when he passed, and his career as a professional artist was just beginning to blossom. In partnership with his family and The Demuth Foundation, we are working to give young artists like Mike the opportunity to showcase their work in an annual exhibit at The Demuth Museum. The first exhibit opens in October 2020 and will showcase 34 of Mike's original works of art. Each year, we will choose another young artist to be featured and help launch their career.

Michael Tymon: A Life in Art
The New Jersey Maritime Museum

The New Jersey Maritime Museum

The New Jersey Maritime Museum preserves the rich and fascinating maritime history of the Jersey Shore. One of Michael Nast's biggest passions was diving the shipwrecks off the coast and collecting historical artifacts. The Maritime Museum features an unmatched collection of these artifacts, each uncovered from a shipwreck by a diver like Mike. To support these continued efforts, the Michael Nast Foundation is a partner sponsor of the museum and The Michael Nast Dive Room.

The New Jersey Maritime Museum
Jetty Rock Foundation

Jetty Rock Foundation

The mission of the Jetty Rock Foundation is to protect our oceans and waterways and support those who build their lives around them. This aligns perfectly with the mission of the Michael Nast Foundation's commitment to preserving our natural spaces for future generations. As a Jetty Rock Foundation partner, the Michael Nast Foundation supports annual events to raise funds for coastal preservation, education, and restoration.

Jetty Rock Foundation
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Every year we donate over $60,000 to support our partners. Your support will help us support these causes and more!